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Business Expert John Cerasani Launches “2000 Percent Raise” Podcast.

John Cerasani’s story is about a self-made man who has found enormous success with multiple business endeavors. The title of the podcast is a nod to a pivotal point in his journey where he left corporate America to work for himself. By putting himself on top of the Org Chart, he was able to not only reap the benefits of increased pay; but also build equity for himself… Not for others. The podcast promises to discuss various lessons he learned along the way, and have an extreme financial focus. All while encouraging listeners to elevate their game and grow.

John built an insurance company from his kitchen table after taking the leap and quitting his job at Arthur J. Gallagher. He was in his late 20’s and also found himself honored with 40 under 40 accolades shortly thereafter. Not even 10 years later, he sold that company into Private Equity for an undisclosed multiple. This building of wealth put him in a position to help entrepreneurs with not only capital infusion, but also business advisement and expertise.

Based out of Chicago and Los Angeles now as a venture capitalist, John will be having many high-profile guests on the show. These include athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and industry insiders. John’s no-nonsense approach will leave his audience entertained and educated at the same time.

In addition to great guests and business insight as a venture capitalist, John will also be sharing other private investment tips as well as life advice when it comes to finances. On social media, John often offers these 60 second clips ranging from telling his audience the proper way to evaluate a rental property to insight on how he became part of the investment group that bought the Newport Beach Marriott — which they then reimagined as The Vea. The podcast was born, in part, due to demand from his social media following (@JohnCerasani on Instagram and tik tok).

Needless to say, with John’s insight and experiences combined with an amazing guest line-up, there will be plenty of strong content shared in this 30-60 minute weekly podcast.

2000 Percent Raise can be found starting in late September on all major podcast platforms. John encourages people to join his mailing list at

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